Every new year brings new trends. Our predictions for the 2021 graphic design trends are in.


Say good bye to the light bright air tones as we watch moody fall winter cool tones come in – think deep navy, maroon, deep forest greens as accents and the always on trend black.


Everyone’s leveling up. 2021 will usher in a the chic revolution in a but make it approachable type of way. Think aspirational but inviting. With this, you’ll continue to see refined chic modern serif fonts coupled with the use of powerful clean sans serif come to play.


Our 2021 design trend prediction says: Neutrals are forever. Class them up and make it chic or dress them down in jeans and a tee. They’re not going anywhere, if we can help it.

04 // MOTION

Video has been the future for years now but with Tik Tok’s success last year, video is the now. Expect to see short clips take over like 2021 design never before. Motion in GIFs, motion in video, motion as background, just expect to see more movement everywhere.

05 // ANGLES

We’re predicting an era of strong angles. This will come through the use of rectangles, squares and lines. See you later half circle we’re so sick of seeing.

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2021 Design Trends