Your website is your home on the internet. And without your own home (read: website), you’re just hanging out at all your friends houses (LTK, Instagram etc).


Your website is your home. You can decorate it however you want. Are you still following my analogy here? It’s the one place on the internet you own – you can renovate, knock down that wall, whatever you want it’s YOURS. No algorithms to fight, the one stop shop to showcase your brand, your personality, and build a resource for your community that they can come to for the full review of that Revlon hairdryer – the story beyond your Instagram caption.


A website is an additional component to monetize in brand partnerships. And a high ticket one because the options are endless (no character limit, see reason no 01). In addition to charging $x for an Instagram post and relying on the commission from LTK you can charge $y for a dedicated blog post or $z for a feature within a blog post.


The power of website analytics is incredible and what’s going to help support that fee you’re charging in No 02. Your traffic (how many people are coming to your site), the time spent on site, most popular content – you can literally see what they read and then what they read after that, retargeting (that stalkery little ability brands love so much to follow you around on social media with their ads after you landed on their site – hello, girl you can monetize this with brands too by allowing them to retarget your audience!). NERD ALERT (read: JACKPOT).

04 // SEARCH

Your followers can use your website to search for that “white tshirt” you wore last week they were so obsessed with and are now ready to buy without scrolling endlessly through LTK or DM-ing you on Instagram. Less DMs for “that link” that’s pretty damn compelling, right?

05 // VALUE

Exclusive content, you already understand this power. You share some things on Instagram that are Insta-grid approved and other things on LTK to make sure you’re getting eyeballs both places. This is place #3 for more eyeballs. Your website should provide exclusive content and most of all VALUE like your top 5 favorite purchases from Revolve. Instagram starts the story and then drives to your website for the whole story – the review, the wrap up, the full travel guide.

Seems so obvious now, right? Girl, get yourself a website that you LOVE and monetize that shit. 🥂 to the dream life

Why Influencers Need a Website Too

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