Let’s talk about branding, more specifically a type suite. When we talk about branding, we’re talking about more than your logo. Your branding is the foundation of your brand and your type suite is the visual component of how your brand comes to life on a page/screen. So what is a type suite and what do you do with it.

A type suite defines the fonts you use and how you use them. They are the fonts your brand should use at every touchpoint with an accent font rotating in or out but you want to maintain a consistent type suite overall for clarity of design and for consumer recognition. The Mercedes-Benz font, you know what it looks like, don’t you? What about Apple? You know those fonts. We want the same for your biz.

A type suite typically has 2-4 fonts:
Accent (optional – this is where a script might come in)

Sometimes the header/subhead font is the same so you’d only have 2 fonts or sometimes you have 1 for each. Does your brand have a defined type suite? Go, run, make your own! Google Fonts is a great resource for free fonts.

Building a Type Suite