Real connection for real results


Good on Paper is a creative marketing agency working with our Clients in a retainer model on an ongoing basis to support their marketing efforts including brand design, web design, fractional CMO and production.

We do things differently. We create connection. We believe that connection drives all action. When you connect with someone, the power is yours. The power to drive change, build community and drive sales. 

At Good on Paper, we work without boundaries - we innovate, we work beyond the ask, we look at the problem in its entirety, we collaborate and we do it all on a timeline so you know what to expect and when. 

To the dream life --

The corporate world graduate, aesthetic obsessed, red-wine drinking Tiffany. With over ten years of experience in advertising leading Forbes 500 companies like Mercedes-Benz and Benefit Cosmetics, Tiffany created Good on Paper to be what she couldn’t find anywhere else - a community for our people and a powerhouse for our clients. At Good on Paper, we wear many hats. Tiffany’s current hats include Founder, Barry’s athlete, and new mom. Her favorite sport: watching women do it all.