Lemon8 is brought to us by ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, as a direct competitor to Instagram. The app is #1 in the app store – so let’s look at those early cues for adoption – and it hasn’t even officially launched in the US yet. Lemon8 is basically if Instagram & Pinterest had a baby. Ok, but wtf do you mean by that? Lemon8 is a video & photo sharing social media app (the Instagram half) driven by keywords & interests (the Pinterest half). Lemon8 is heavily image based – for those resisting video still. & the most exciting benefit is the native editing available in the platform – Canva style options.

Lemon8 is primed for Influencer takeover. First of all, they’ve been working with and paying TikTok influencers to encourage users to move over to Lemon8 – and based on the ranking in the app store it’s working. How it plans to monetize is unclear but it’s based on a popular app in China that offers live in app shopping. While it feels like another platform. The strategy should combine what you’re already doing across IG & Pinterest – post pretty pic, use your keywords and a thoughtful caption but work those keywords girl.

We’re most excited about the ability for discoverability based on keywords. Let’s see how this goes.

TLDR: Yes, join. Copy/paste what you’re doing on IG + keywords.

Lemon8: What Is It & Who’s It For?