The influencer space is changing. Brands are reflecting on the success of previous campaigns & re-evaluating their investments for 2023. They’re making sure their investment is seeing a positive ROI and the metrics they’re looking for are evolving. They are hesitating before they pay thousands of dollars for an instagram story and doing some real digging.

When working with influencers this year, we expect to see brands diving deeper into the analytics. Brands are working with content creators more and more. Thus threatening your bottom line. The more measured performance you can share with brands this year, the better. This year we expect to be to all about differentiating yourself through the type of content you offer and the measured success of your platform(s).

With this shift, we are encouraging all of our influencers to lean into their owned platforms in the first half of the year – spend 1H really building those (your website: the content, the traffic; your email list: the content, the number of subscribers, open rates). And pay attention to your metrics. If you don’t have Google Analytics set up on your website already, do it now. If you’re not using your website, creating unique content and driving traffic there, start today. Sign up for an email provider right now and build your email list slowly but surely they will come and it will grow. Our influencers have average open rates of 50%+ that’s well above the industry standard of 5%.

In addition to leaning into your platforms, find new unique offerings you can provide – whether it’s bold new ideas for content or new deliverables you can back up with metrics. Instead of the Instagram story everyone is offering, offer a feature in an email list and back it up with that 50% open rate and 20% click through rate. Find new ways to work with brands and new ways to stand out. If your management company handles the brand negotiations for you, great. Tell them what you want to do! Push them to offer it on your behalf.

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What Brands are Looking for in 2023

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