Instagram launched Broadcast Channels as a way for influencers and brands alike to build a deeper connection with their audience. It works like a group text that your users opt in to but the communication is one sided – it’s only from you. They can’t reply.

The broadcast channel is a way for creators to communicate with their following at scale but in a more intimate than stories capacity and without the 24 hour expiration.

Broadcast channels get a yes from us. As a still new channel within Instagram, they’re seeing nearly 100% reach to opted in users. We say, jump in fast. Use your existing content – stories, reels – to drive sign ups to broadcast channel. Hello, join my broadcast channel for the links. Then pitch it as an alternative to stories to brands at a more entry level price point while you build the metrics and performance.

What Instagram Has to Say

How to Drive Sign Ups:

We always recommend exclusive content and this is the perfect place to use that. Here are some ideas to drive followers to join your channel.

Join my broadcast channel for:

  • The BTS of my trip to Tulum
  • What really happened in Nashville
  • Links to my OOTDs
  • The whole story of my home renovation
  • What it really looks like to be a mom
  • My bikini try on
  • Amazon Must Have Mondays
  • Details on my upcoming closet sale (though email is our favorite place to do this)

Instagram Broadcast Channel: What is it?

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