Last week we told you why we love Squarespace for the average DIY-er. This week let’s talk about why we love ShowIt and who it’s for. So, here are the 3 reasons we love ShowIt.

Web Design for the Savvy DIY-er: ShowIt

ShowIt requires knowledge of pixel specs and resized images unless you purchase a template. So this is for the savvy diy-er because it’s not a full DIY design, we’re purchasing a template and starting from there.

No 01 // Fully customizable

ShowIt is fully customizable. Like no rules, no template restraints, put images and text and whatever you want wherever you want. And custom fonts! Seriously, no rules. Design whatever you want (this is why we use it with our clients too). The mobile version too.

No 02 // WordPress Blogging

The design ease and beauty of Showit + the power of blogging with WordPress. Design your blog and site in ShowIt and create your blog posts in WordPress.

No 03 // Beautiful Design

We already talked about it – it’s fully customizable so you can build whatever you want. ShowIt sites look beautiful, work flawlessly and say I’m a professional. There are free templates included in the platform you can use or there lots of templates available for purchase (including a Good on Paper template coming soon!). There are so many ways you can make your website feel on brand with ShowIt, with fully custom colors and fonts so you can stay true to your own branding (you already know how we feel about the power of branding).

We strongly recommend customizing a template purchased from a designer with Show It. Think of it as a semi-custom where you can start with a template and make it your own.

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3 Reasons We Love ShowIt

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