One of the first steps in building your website is choosing a web builder. There’s lots out there, how do you choose which one to use. Our favorites are Squarespace and Showit, depending who you are. Today, we’re talking to the DIY-er so let’s get into the 3 reasons we love Squarespace.

For the DIY-er: Squarespace is our favorite

We recommend Squarespace for the average DIY-er. Anyone jumping in on their own to get a site up, to check the box on a website in your early stages of business.

No 01 // Template-based drag & drop builder

It’s template based with lots of flexibility to make it your own with 100s of templates to choose from included in the cost. And it’s super easy to make it your own by dragging and dropping the different sections you need – text, images, galleries etc.

No 02 // All in one platform

Squarespace does it all in one place so no figuring out what the heck I mean when I say domain registrar, e-comm platform, google analytics, you don’t care – Squarespace. With Squarespace, you can build a service based informative website or an e-commerce website with add to cart shopping capabilities all in one place and it’s easy to add the features later. They also have native booking capabilities for appointment needs. But to take it a step further, you can your web address (domain) with Squarespace and they have built in analytics! No, they’re not as in depth as Google’s (you can add these too) but they’re plenty.

No 03 // Customer service

The last reason we love Squarespace, they have award winning customer service. You can chat with them 12 hours per day, they’re all English speaking Squarespace employees out of one of their global offices: New York, Portland or Dublin. They’re informed, happy to help and easy to reach. Plus I love a chat situation where I don’t have to hold on the phone for 30+ minutes.

Over the DIY grind? Ready to save yourself time and hand it off to the pros? Work with us!

3 Reasons We Love Squarespace

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