It is so important to have a cohesive brand (read how to build your type suite) and the fonts you use is a major part of building that cohesion and brand recognition. Your brand fonts should be used in every brand touchpoint – your website, your social media, all marketing.

While we recommend and use premium fonts for all of our clients, Google fonts has some great free options to build your type suite and establish that cohesive branding.

Below find 3 google font pairings curated by the Good on Paper team.

Note: Remember your button font should be your subhead font!

No 01 // Chic Serif

Bodoni Moda | Work Sans | Montserrat

No 02 // Bold

Futura | Futura Bold | Lato

No 03 // Modern Classic

Tenor Sans | Source Sans Semibold | Playfair Display Regular

Google Font Pairings for your Business