You link to outfits all day long. You drive 1000s of clicks every day (seriously, check your numbers on Instagram – more on that here). This is one way you make money. 

So, STOP linking to LTK or directly to the retailers website with an affiliate link TODAY. RIGHT NOW. STOP IT. 

When you link directly to LTK or to a retailer with an affiliate link, you build their business.

This year, I want you to build yours. 

Let me clarify… 

I’m not saying stop sharing links. At all. I’m just saying change the way you share the links. 

Every link you share should link directly to your website. From there, you can link to LTK or to the retailer. 

Remember those 1000s of clicks we talked about that you drive each day? You’re missing the opportunity to capture those and drive that traffic to YOUR website every time you send them to LTK. Those links are site traffic that you can SELL. LTK is selling them to every brand they partner with – stop building their business.  

Now. Today. Immediately. Stop it. Seriously. 

Stop doing this right now