I like to think of your homepage as a store’s window display. It’s one of your first impressions of the store & gives you a reason to come inside & a few things to come inside for (oh! that top. those jeans. those sunnies). Your homepage should do the same.

Here are 3 things your homepage needs so you can:

  • Charge your brand partners high ticket
  • Drive affiliate revenue from your homepage
  • Increase users time on site (bc see #1)

No 01: Featured Partner Section

Oh shit! Right!? A space on your homepage that is high ticket and an additional deliverable to sell to brand partners. Your management company is going to love this one. Think of this as the magazine cover. It costs $100 to be featured inside but it costs $1000 to buy the cover. (These are made up numbers and not intended nor should they be frankly what you charge your brand partners). Now that brand deal you were negotiating is worth $1,100 instead of the $100 it cost for a blog post. Ya follow me? If not, go back and read this again bc this one is a good one!

No 02: As seen on stories

Most of your clicks come directly from Instagram, right? If you’re assuming this answer & it’s not based on your analytics (which you should know!), stop here. Read this. Then come back. & you’ve already stopped linking from stories to LTK (more on this one here). The people who land on your homepage are from direct traffic (meaning they typed your website in) so let’s make it eaaaasy for them. Because people buy more when it’s easy. Include a section that you update daily of “as seen on stories” think of this as your on the go #ootd posts. These live here and from your website drive to LTK for that affiliate revenue.

No 03: Featured blog categories

We want to give people multiple reasons to come in. When you showcase your blog categories on your page in addition to your menu it’s a new reason to come inside. It’s like when you move the sweater to the window display instead of just having it inside, ya follow me? Now they see it and decide they want to come in for that.

Your business is too big. You have worked too hard to create this platform. You are a media outlet (that’s a new one but you are!). To not use your website. To not monetize your website. Knowing how much money you make using Instagram & LTK – platforms you rent & don’t own – imagine how much more you could make if you owned your platform. Let me clarify – I’m not saying stop using LTK or IG. I’m saying use them differently. They should support your business not be it. Your community is too loyal for your homepage to just be a long scroll of recent posts. Ew, bounce. No one is hanging there.

Just like we all love a do it for the instagram restaurant/cafe/experience/anything, your website is an anything. It’s time to curate it the way you do your feed.

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3 things your homepage needs

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