There’s some secrets you should keep. Or at least gate keep a little. What do I mean?

Your community is so engaged, they buy everything you post, they love every outfit you style, they always want more more more. You like my hair? Gee thanks just bought it. [They]┬ásee it, [they] like it, [they] want it, [they] got it. You know the reference. Thanks to the queen, Ariana Grande for summing us all up so nicely. Closet sale? They’re there.

So besides the obvious affiliate revenue, brand partnerships, etc what can you do with this power? Build an email list. We just reviewed how they always want more so they want to hang with you at inbox too. Trust me here. Hello, this is a new medium for you to really lean in & monetize.

Ok, but how? What secrets am I keeping?

Let’s run with the closet sale example because I just had a Client do this. You + 2 blogger besties are hosting a closet sale on Sunday & duh you want all your local internet friends to come. So… you announce the sale. But first, you post a link that says sign up for details. You do not post the sale details (where, when etc) yet. Just hosting a sale Sunday February 13th! Sign up for details.

That link drives to a sign up page like this one that says “sign up below for instant access to all the details” They sign up. Boom in their inbox they receive all the details.

What’d you just do? You (gate) kept the secret in exchange for their email address. WELCOME TO YOUR EMAIL LIST. That subscriber you just added will drive incremental dollars for you – whether in the form of monetizing your email list with a brand partner or driving additional affiliate revenue. + Email is a better place for them to hang on to the details of your sale anyway.

HOLY SHIT. BRILLIANT. Right!? And so easy!?

You can do this for so much more than your closet sale though I’d save it for the extra special things like closet sale, announce something exciting that’s coming up like a partnership collection you’re working on. All new reasons to drive email sign ups directly from your Instagram stories.

What’s that saying our moms always told us? Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? Stop giving away all your milk. Make them buy some of it. LOL IDK but I feel like this analogy might work here.

So (gate)keep some of your secrets girl. Hell, you can do this with something as simple as your GRWM products. Put the video on social and then link to sign up for email to get all the product details. There’s def a limit like don’t do this for everything but I think it’s fair to do at least once a month. Honestly, I think you should do it at least once a month.

Saying yes, omg I need this but need help with your email? We got you.

Secrets you should (gate)keep