You are a business owner now. You are bigger than that girl on Instagram posting OOTDs. You’re generating over a million dollars a year in affiliate revenue. Let that power sink in for a second. Because damn, girl. GET IT. See, you’re so much bigger than the #ootd posts that got you here. So it’s time to step into business owner. And businesses have an email list. This is going to sound similar to why you need a website. But some of you just aren’t hearing us or taking action and girl we’re trying to make you money, honey. So with that, let’s get into why influencers need an email list in 2022.

No 01 | You Own It

Anything you do that’s not on your website or with your email list is rented space. You don’t own Instagram or TikTok. When your business lives on Instagram, your business dies on Instagram too. Tomorrow if Instagram/TikTok shut down. Would you still have a business? WOAH, right? Your email list you own. Think of your subscribers on your email list as followers on Instagram – but like they’re way more powerful because you own it and can reach them whenever you want. The same way you can reach your friends whenever you want.

No 02 | Monetize

It’s an owned platform & you know what we always say about owned platforms. They are your high ticket platforms. Because you own them. You can make more money renting out an apartment you own than subletting an apartment you rent. You following me? Your media kit probably looks like: Instagram story, Instagram post, Instagram reel, it’s time to add email to that list. Email placement and email exclusive. With an email placement you can sell just that a placement within your existing weekly newsletter. With an email exclusive, you can sell a dedicated email to your list about [insert brand name here]. MAKE THAT MONEY, HONEY.

No 03 | Sell More

You’re selling a million+ dollars in affiliate revenue from just Instagram/TikTok. Like damn, girl. But imagine if you added another platform to that list. A platform that traditionally has higher purchase rates. Why do you think retailers send emails? Because they generate major revenue. It’s time to start selling via email too. Imagine that girl sees your feed post of those cute high waisted jeans. So she clicks the link to the retailer but leaves without checking out. Later that day/week whatever, she gets an email from you of those same jeans reminding her omg I wanted those that’s right! This time she checks out. CHA CHING. Right? It’s as easy as that.

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3 Reasons Influencers Need an Email List