If you’ve been following along recently, you already know why your email list is important. So let’s get into how to start & build your email list so you can make that money, honey.

Step 01 | Join Flodesk

Before you can start an email list, you need an email provider. This is a service specifically for email marketing. We recommend Flodesk to all of our clients. It’s easy to use, has pretty built in templates, and you can send as many emails as you want to as many people as you want for 1 flat fee. Use our link here to join to save 50% off your subscription.

Step 02 | Lead Magnet

Incentivize your audience. You’ve got to give your community a reason to join your email list. Saying “keep up with me” or some other similar bs, is not enough. Give them something in exchange for their email list. It’s got to be something exclusive that they can’t find somewhere else. Typically this fall in 2 buckets – an exclusive discount or exclusive content. For example, get a discount code just for your email subscribers to somewhere like Tula. Depending the brand, they may be willing to give you two separate codes – 1 for everyone & 1 for your email list. I know it can seem scary to gatekeep something like this but it’s worth testing. The other option is exclusive round up like “My 5 favorite things I’ve ever bought from Amazon” but the key here is you only share this with your email list. So in a Q&A someone asks the question you can not answer it, the answer needs to be sign up for my email list for this in your inbox! This is how you build your business. Depending the volume of sign ups you’re getting, you should update your lead magnet monthly or quarterly.

Step 03 | Talk about it at least once a week

Pick a day and talk about your email list/lead magnet at least once per week. Jump on stories talk about the 5 favorite things you’ve ever bought from Amazon like OMG it’s so good. Show the pieces! Then for links to everything, click here. That click here drives to a sign up for your email list where they can sign up to receive the links to everything. Same process should you decide to do a promo code.

Questions? Need help determining your lead magnet, slide into our DMs on IG. We’re happy to help.

How to Start an Email List