I’m frequently asked “How will I know when I need a professional?” And the shortest answer is “as soon as you realize that you wouldn’t ask your manicurist to color your hair.” I say this because we each have our skills and lanes – your manicurist gives you the best manicure/pedicure a few times a month and you LOVE the way your stylist colors and cuts your hair but you’d never ask one to do the other – because they’re professionals at their trade. And so are you. You’re great at cooking, coloring hair, facials, running a restaurant, running a boutique, selling makeup, whatever it is you do in your business. And we’re great at advertising & marketing. If you’re experiencing one of the below signs, it’s likely time you call a professional.


Sign 1: There is a disconnect in your brands touchpoints.

We had a Client (names changed for anonymity) who’s Facebook was called intobeautifulhair, who’s website was Beautiful Hair by Mary, who’s social was Beautiful Hair with Mary but who’s business was called Hair by Mary.

There’s a number of things that could lead to this – too many cooks in the kitchen without a chef (a style guide will prevent this as developed in our Brand Identity work). A business owner trying to do it all on their own and being pulled in so many directions they just start checking boxes.

A team of professionals will first streamline and identify anywhere this is happening to you & come up with a plan to address by figuring out your business goals and how to achieve them through a cohesive message at every touchpoint.

Sign #2: You aren’t attracting the right clients.

If your clients run the gamut, chances are you aren’t narrowing in on your niche. This could be a result of your branding or just that you’re not showing up in the right places. Depending on your situation, this can be solved with a branding revamp or a platform strategy and media plan if you’re spending in media (& you should be! It’s a pay to play world – hmm, I think I just found my next blog post).

Sign #3: Your business has evolved.

Even giants rebrand or shift their focus. Who you were when you started may not be who you are now and that’s ok – but your branding, photography, strategy etc. needs to come with you.

Sign #4: You aren’t hitting the mark.

You aren’t seeing the results you’re looking for – maybe your engagement is low on Instagram, you don’t have as many followers as you’d like, you’re not hitting your sales goals. It’s time to bring in a professional, let them look under the hood and diagnose the issue. It could be one of a number of things – like you’re not showing up in the right place, or in the right way, you’re not talking to your people or you haven’t even decided who your people are! All things we can help with.

Any of this sound like you? Maybe all of this sounds like you. Drop us an email so we can help you figure out where to go from here.

Signs it’s time to hire a professional