2019 focused on minimalism and simplicity. While 2020 will maintain this sophistication, unique and interesting graphic elements will see a resurgence. Here are the design trends worth exploring in 2020.


Trend One: The need for speed
Users expect websites to load INSTANTLY. And search engines factor this into your ranking. Be mindful of page weights, lengths and hi-res imagery.

Trend Two: Explicit Simplicity
Simplicity came onto the scene in 2019 and will continue in 2020. Minimize the number of elements on a page – photos, graphics, text. Clutter distracts and less is more. Your website should be easily skimmable and easy to navigate for a first time user.

Trend Three: Hands On
A majority of web traffic continues to derive from mobile devices and with laptops moving to touch screens, touch will become a major trend this year and should be considered when developing your site’s user experience and navigation.

Trend Four: Beautiful Design
While maintaining minimalistic in style as outlined above, the power of beautiful design — typography, imagery, texture and color — is not lost and leaves a lasting impression on your site’s visitors. When considering color, keep in mind the prevalence of dark mode. Consider how your site will look in dark mode and consider using warm earth tones in place of bright neons seen in 2019.

2020 Vision: Web Design Trends

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