1. Conversion Rate

Of how many people clicked through (clicks), how many purchased? You should be able to pull this from LTK, Amazon. For brand partnerships, make sure you’re asking them for this after your campaign ends.

Depending on a brand’s objectives, this can be your most valuable #.

2. Click Through Rate

Of how many people saw your post/email/blog post, how many clicked? This can be pulled from your individual post on Instagram/Tik Tok or your google analytics [stop here right now if you don’t have google analytics set up on your site, go do it and then come back] for your website or the native analytics for your email provider.

3. Engagement Rate

If you have the above 2 this is becoming less & less important. This is the number of comments & likes together divided by your reach. This is specific to social platforms. This is more important for you than the brand because it may influence your post’s reach.

4. Reach

How many unique people saw your post whether Instagram, Tik Tok, Email or Website.

You should calculate an average here. I tend to suggest a weekly or monthly average. Figure out which works best for you & then do the math.

Any questions on how to find or calculate these? Leave them below or email us with any questions!

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