We’ve said it before and we stand by it – your brand is your power. With so many online businesses popping up these days and the pandemic-driven shift to entrepreneurship, your brand aesthetic is more important than ever. Because if you do, you could be standing in your own way. If you’re struggling to attract your ideal community or take your biz to the next level, a rebrand may be just what the doctor ordered.

Sound totally overwhelming? Relax, girl. We got you. We’re professionals.

5 ways to know it’s time to rebrand

01 – You’ve grown.

Your business has shifted, your audience has changed, your offerings have expanded.

02 – You’re just embarrassed.

Your branding is the face of your business (whether you’re an influencer, service provider or product based business). This is not somewhere you want to be embarrassed of your business.

03 – You aren’t excited to share it.

If it’s not easy for you to use or you just aren’t excited to use it, it’s time to rebrand.

04 – You DIY-ed it.

See 01.

05 – You’re ready to make more money.

Same, all the time girl. Ready for that next level luxe life. Does your branding reflect your business? Does it reflect your price point (of the clothes you share, the rates you charge brand partners, for your services or products)? If you answered no to any of these, it’s time to rebrand.

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Signs It’s Time to Rebrand