branding basics.png

We’ve talked about the importance of branding, now let’s talk about the basics of branding.

1 – Think long term.
Your branding will be around for the long run so think about it that way. Your branding should be able to grow with you as you grow – for a beauty line it should be able to go from lipstick to eye shadow to skincare and cover across. Glossier does a great job of this.

2 – Be timeless.
Because your branding will be around long term, it should be timeless. The best logos are typographical with minimal graphics and can stand strong on their own for YEARS to come.

3 – Consistent.
Your branding needs to be consistent everywhere it goes. You should know how to use it in all situations. We call this a brand style guide that dictates usage for logo, typography, color palette in all situations.

4 – Show them and show them again.
Nike has built brand recognition because they’ve used the checkmark since almost the beginning. So you see it and you know it – heck you read what I just wrote and you know exactly what it looks like. One of the intentions of branding is to be able to build brand recognition that you know it quickly. In order to do this, you’ll need to show them and then show them again.

The Basics of Branding