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Often branding is misunderstood, founders think all I need is a logo. However, while logo only is a package we offer because we understand the different stages of business growth, branding is much bigger than just your logo. Think of your brand with me for a minute as a person. Your outfit, the way you speak, the way you make others feel, the way you wear your hair every piece makes up your branding. So in terms of the brand – it is your color palette, fonts, graphics, tone, personality, word choice, voice, brand pillars, website, photography style, etc. It is a lot more than a logo to truly develop branding. And it is the CORE of your business. Every touchpoint afterwards will always refer back to your brand.

So, who does this well?


Because when you read those names you knew exactly who they are what they stand for and how they make you feel. You can recognize their advertising before the logo even comes up. THAT is the power of strong branding.

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Importance of Branding