We keep saying that your website should tell a story. So let’s dig into what this means.

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Your website should clearly guide the user from page to page from your homepage to the next page and guide them through your site using CTA (call to action) buttons. This is what we mean by a story the same way you read a book chapter 1, then chapter 2, then chapter 3.

Let’s talk about the chapters of your book (IE: the pages of your site):

  1. The Homepage: This should be an overview of your brand and who you are + the important sections of your site so what you want your user to learn & do by visiting your site. So if you are a service based business this should include a quick overview about – your objective statement, a quick what you do + a link to your services page & most importantly BOOK NOW – where you convert. If you’re a product based page, this is largely focused on the current featured products you’re promoting & any sales you’re working through.

  2. About: This page should be used to define your brand. Who are you. What do you do. Why do you do what you do. Your objective statement. If you’re service based or a solopreneur this should include a personal photo to put a person to the brand. Because people buy from people.

  3. Shop/book: This page CONVERTS. This is the most important page of your site because this is the money making page. Make it clear. Make it easy to browse/shop/read. Prioritize it in your primary navigation. It should either be the first spot or the last spot so it’s QUICK to catch at a glance.

The key to getting your users from 1 page to the next is first and foremost by providing VALUE – each page should serve a clear purpose and tell a clear story. Then is CTA buttons so it’s easy to click through and know where to go next without going back to the top navigation.

Telling a story via your website

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