Your website can make or break your business. Your business is a one stop shop and peak into the SOUL of your business. It will help you attract the right Client and elevate your income. Below are our must haves for a website that converts:

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One: Clear navigation
Your navigation should outline a clear path for visitors and clearly label what is within each page and where they want to go. It should tell a story and be a map for your website users guiding them through their visit to your website.


Two: A tagline
What do you do and who is it for. Boom. As quick as that. TBH we’re constantly finessing ours. Right now it is: Empowering female-focused brands to elevate their influence and income through brand + web design & social media. But we’re not in love with it yet. So, one of our faves we’ve seen out in the world is –
The Social Bungalow: Home to female entrepreneurs with online businesses, ready to become wildly in demand.

Three: CTA (Call To Action) Buttons
You want your visitors to know exactly what to do from here at all times. These should be littered (thoughtfully and strategically) throughout each page guiding the user what to do next. Read the about page, now read the services page, from services you probably want pricing then you want to book. Your website is a story, take your users from once upon a time there was a hairstylist named Alex who specialized in XYZ and charged 123 and then you booked and became her Client.


Four: Sign Up
You told such a beautiful story, your user is now obsessed with you and ready to be friends so invite them over. Your sign up page is the invitation over to your house for happy hour but you better tell them what you’re serving (in clearer terms: OFFER A FREEBIE!). Incentivize the sign up, give them a reason to come over (IE: Sign up. Are you following my analogy here?). Be thoughtful in what you offer, relative to your brand. For me, my freebies are tips and tricks I can TELL you based on my experience. And I don’t charge for that. Until I have to show you. So tell them what you can tell them, share some of your expertise in exchange for their email address. It’s INVALUABLE. This should be littered throughout your site – on multiple pages so your users have multiple opportunities to sign up.

sign up.png

Five: You.
Be a human. Show your users why YOU are the answer to their problems. What is going to make them say “YAAAAAS she gets me!”? How do you stand out from your competition? What is the problem you’re solving and how are you solving it?


BONUS: Be concise.
There are so many websites out there that are PARAGRAPHS of copy. Like, girl ain’t no one got time for that. Make it short and sweet, skimmable and to the point. Write your story. Cut it in half. Then do it again. Get it all in there or at least the MOST IMPORTANT parts (from here they’re going to call you, email you, come by the store, come to your coffee shop, book an appointment, whatever) but CONCISELY. I can’t say this enough. Prioritize your messaging than cut it down so I can read it QUICK (PSST: your layout can help with this).


Ready to do it?

Yes yes yes to all of the above!? But ugh how?When? Girl, we got you.

Must haves for a website that converts

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