Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to post today or next week? Or what to talk about in your emails? Or worse, you have an email list that you don’t use! (Omg my skin’s crawling at the thought.) Girl, it’s time to plan your marketing!

The beginning of the year (ok really, Q3-Q4 of the prior year) should be spent planning your marketing for the first half of the year. And getting specific! Here’s what we mean…

Outline (we prefer a giant excel spreadsheet) by week your promotion and product/service priorities. For example, the first 6 weeks of the year you are promoting your new jewelry collection that is launching. Then the next 4 weeks you’re promoting your brand promise: a lifetime guarantee! Then the 6 weeks after that you have another collection dropping. You get the idea, right?

Once you’ve mapped this out, now you’ll go back and plan tactically – the emails you’ll send, the social posts you’ll create, the web updates you’ll need, & when all those go live.

After you’ve set that, you can now back out timelines from each for when you need to start working on each tactic and you’ll know now what you’re doing in June! And all content creation will be so much easier.

Instead of figuring it out in real time and scrambling to plan your next social post or email, plan your marketing and therefore sales priorities now and rest easy when you can content create in bulk in advance and watch the sales roll in.

Have questions about planning your marketing? Or want us to jump in and build your plan for you to execute. You know where to find us…

How to Make Marketing Easy