Hello, I’m Tiffany, the Founder her eat Good on Paper and before jumping into Good on Paper I worked in advertising representing brands and a lifetime before that PR. So I’ve read a pitch or two. Let’s get into the 5 secrets to getting a yes from a brand.

No 01 // Short & Specific Subject Lines

This is imperative or the rest of the email doesn’t even matter because you’ll be left unread.

No 02 // Who you are, what you do

Time for your elevator pitch. Who you are, what you do, your audience demo and your conversion rate. Depending what you’re pitching only include the relevant metric in the email, save the rest for your media kit.

No 03 // Brief overview

Top 3 brands you’ve recently worked with and links to that case study – yesssss you should have the results from your campaigns!

No 04 // The Big Idea

Don’t just show up like heyyyy can we work together I’m cool. Tell them why you’re cool (those stats in #2 & 3) and why the hell you’re here – what do you bring to the table. What can you do for them. They may not say yes let’s do that, they have agencies they pay to generate ideas but they’ll likely appreciate the thought, specificity and you’ll likely get a response if not more.

No 05 // Links

All that shit above better be linked and easily clickable. Please don’t make the brand look you up on Instagram, google your website, search for your past brand collaboration. Do not make them work. Make it soo so easy.

BONUS: Be nice.

It’s sad that we have to call this out but be nice and be genuine. They’re not going to work with the rude influencer when there’s nice ones in their inbox too. You need them more than they need you. Sorry but it’s true. So be nice, be genuine, let your personality shine through. But give them the meat too – they’re going to work with you because of what you offer (and I mean deeper than your 150k followers on IG).

5 secrets to landing brand deals