We’re going to make this easy & concise. Here’s why we’re obsessed with Squarespace.

One: The cover page.

Our Clients are understandably SO excited to get their web presence up for a new site that we frequently take advantage of this opportunity to create a cover page that lets the internet world know something exciting is coming.

A cover page is simply a 1 page site with a line or two of copy and a call to action. With Squarespace, you can create a cover page in the same template you’re working on the live site so when you’re ready to launch it’s easy to turn the cover page off and the rest on.

Two: So friendly.

Squarespace is BEYOND user friendly with no need for custom coding. It’s easy to understand which makes it super simple for us to hand off sites and for our clients to manage on an ongoing basis. This is one of our favorite things we offer as an agency – there are no web maintenance/ongoing management fees once the site is live. We arm you with a quick walk through and set you off to maintain on your own via Squarespace. & we love efficiency.

Three: Gsuite email.

Your squarespace site includes 1 year of free business gmail so you can be michelle@business.com instead of michellesbusiness@gmail.com which is just not as chic.

Four: E-Commerce.

Squarespace has built in e-commerce platform that allows our Clients to manage their inventory, fulfill orders and sell all in one place. It’s super easy to use, the default shop set up isn’t as cute we have to be honest but we’ve figured out some hacks and ways to customize that.

And Squarespace is SO MUCH MORE customizable and easier to use than other go to ecomm platforms like Shopify. Which we find is best for our Clients as they’re often owner-operated.

Five: Domain purchasing.

Squarespace has a built in domain purchase option so you can find and purchase your domain and host your website all in the same place. This saves buying on google domains, then connecting to your site and waiting for that process. Again, we’re all about efficiency.

Anything I missed? Anything you love about Squarespace that we forgot or anything else you want to know? Sound off in the comments.

5 reasons to love Squarespace

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