I spoke with a Mindset Mentor this week and am getting ready to work with her and am so excited. One of the things I didn’t expect when I launched this biz was the constant mindset struggles and the power associated with them. Anyway, ok let’s get into what I learned from a quick 1 hour conversation with her.

You are infinite. You can have it all. You are electromagnetic. You create everything in your life – the good and the bad. Creation is always done in 2s. Think about it – God created night & day, light & dark, Adam & Eve. So when you create you also create in 2s – Empowerment (good) and Limitation (not good). So it is our job to learn to create Empowerment without limitations. Ok, now I need to remind you that I am not a mindset professional, I just am obsessed with the power of it and want to learn more. So I’m sharing my interpretation of what I recently learned from Sharon Byrne.

In order to have it all you must…

LIVE BY BEING, NOT DOING. What the heck does that mean?

Think about what you want out of this life, your future, you may not know specifically but you can feel it. You can feel it’s power, it feels good, right? There’s a lightness isn’t there? This is being. In this moment you are feeling what you want to create for your future and our feels are the key to manifesting QUICKLY. When we feel (be), what we need to do will be shown to us. This sounds hippie dippie now but when you feel a thing and you know it in your bones as truth, you will figure out the inspired action suddenly you’ll have a brilliant idea (a creative download as Sharon calls them) and by acting on those ideas and taking those steps you’ll bring the manifestation. Or something like that.

So Sharon taught me to live presently, to quiet the mind (something I’ve worked extensively on in the past through meditation) and to be.

Look at the room you’re in, not at anything in particular just the shapes, the colors, take it in. Don’t focus on one thing. Feel the chair beneath you. Feel the weight of your body on the chair, the laptop on your lap, the blanket, your tshirt. Hear the sounds around you – the cars passing by, the washing machine in the other room. Just be here. You felt that same lightness as you did when you thought about your future, right?

I am so obsessed with the ability to channel that light bright feeling, that I am taking Sharon’s advice and focusing on living presently by being, not doing. Getting out of my head and my mixed up brain with it’s 67 thoughts per minute (yes this is a real number – humans have 67 thoughts per minute UGH), and focusing on the way I feel or I want to feel and living out of that. I’m no longer thinking and counting my thoughts, I’m feeling and living inspired to bring about everything I’ve ever dreamed of and asked for and it’s starting with a $ milestone in my biz.

This is how we get everything we want.

Now if you made it this far you either believe in the power of source and that we create our reality like I do or you think I’m out of my damn mind. Whatever, girl.

Next, I’m planning on doing a workshop with Sharon to dive deeper, learn more and take it to the next level and I just ordered the book, Manifesting with Alignment.

Do you like this side of things? The BTS of the entrepreneur life? DM me on IG and LMK. Because if you hate it, cool all good, I’ll share less but if you love it and share the same struggles, then let’s do it together.

How to Have Everything You Want In Life